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From: The Crusher Crew
RE: Loads of free traffic and passive income

Dear Friend,

I’m Eric Louviere and together with my partners, Matt Gill & Bill McIntosh, we have generated over 30 Million Dollars online. I’m not bragging, I’m telling you this because we know what we are talking about. We’ve been there and done that so many times it would knock your socks off…

Because you see, over the years and millions of dollars later… we know one thing for certain… when it comes to making passive income online from home… you need one major thing:

“Constant, Consistent And Daily TRAFFIC!!”

And, you need lots and lots of traffic! You need traffic coming in all the time. You want traffic and you want it by the truckload. If you want passive income while you sleep, then you want passive TRAFFIC while you sleep.

Without Traffic, nothing happens. NOTHING! No money is made and everything is boring and cold. All your efforts go to waste and you pull your hair out in frustration because money never hits your bank account without traffic flooding in 24/7.

Therefore, I have only one simple-easy question for you to answer right now:

Got Traffic?

Make no mistake about it, if you do not get consistent & daily traffic… then this “online business” thing is freaking hard as Hell! You know this. You know that the number one reason you may not be making much money at all is there’s no traffic flooding in. It just makes sense.

It’s math. Math does not lie. Money does not lie and money = math. Lets look at some numbers real fast:

What is 0 + 0 = ?

That’s right, it’s nothing… nadda… zip… zilch… goose egg! That means if you get zero traffic you make zero income. Goose Egg City!

Therefore, to get 100,000 clicks means to get 100,000 people flooding to you! To get that much traffic equals MONEY any way you slice it! Period!

You want a big list of subscribers? You need traffic!

Traffic = M.o.n.e.y.

And let me tell you… the sweetest type of traffic known to mankind is FREE TRAFFIC… yes indeed. The sound of sweet traffic flooding your offers is like nothing on this planet. Ah, it just feels so good! It just feels like… well… like… MONEY!

…And that is exactly what it is, money. honey.

But listen, not all “FREE” traffic is created equal either. No sir. Not so fast my friend. Not all free traffic is fun and easy at all. In fact, MOST free traffic is a royal pain in the a$$! I’m not even kidding.

Ever try writing articles for 8 hours per day until your fingers fall off and carpel tunnel syndrome spills out of your wrists?!?

Look, we’ve been there and done that and most free-traffic generation is simply TOO hard for most people out there. Most just cannot put in that much time and effort over that long of a period. It is too hard and takes too long for very little results!

You do not want to waste 80 hours per week… trying to get free traffic… only to MAYBE get a trickle of traffic here and there. That does not make a dent in your bank account and can be a big, fat, festering waste of your time.

Sorry, been there and done that and not doing it again!

What you need instead is… EASY… FREE… CONSISTENT… DAILY… LASER-TARGETED… TRAFFIC! Now we are talking music to my ears (Yours too right?)

Here’s what you need:

You Get Targeted… Converting… FREE TRAFFIC… Easily… Even In 24 Hours By Doing A Few Simple Things… That’s It!


And it’s called video marketing!

And more precisely, YouTube Marketing!

There is so much traffic on YouTube at this very moment that even if you can tap into just 0.0000001% of it, you can become a millionaire!

No joke! And there is more…

What If You Could Get #1 Page Google Rankings Instantly And Get Laser-Targeted Free Visitors To Your Site Starting Today?

No joke!

Well, we have teamed up with a real You-Tube Professional… and he’s been CRUSHING it with traffic and blowing things up. We have been amazed… blown away… startled… and excited about what he’s been showing us.

No joke!

Well, we have teamed up with a real You-Tube Professional… and he’s been CRUSHING it with traffic and blowing things up. We have been amazed… blown away… startled… and excited about what he’s been showing us.

The free traffic and these steal, secret methods are second to NONE! We always keep an eye out, spidering the web and our market for REAL techniques that work… mostly for our own niche businesses and education.

We keep on top of the cutting edge secrets and that’s where the real money is made… by being ahead of the wave and getting information as it becomes available. This is why we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on education and masterminding. Knowledge is indeed power! It’s also MONEY!

That’s what you should be doing… getting your hands on the best information. Those with the best… newest… cutting edge information wins! Period.

This real professional’s name is Lucas and he’s just a registered TROOPER of Traffic! We are indeed blown away. We’ve convinced Lucas to provide you with his steal secrets right here for a limited time… (take advantage! I’m telling you!)

It’s not every day information of this caliber becomes available… so absolutely JUMP ON IT! Right now! Do it, your bank account will be thanking you for a long time to come. You need traffic and daily, consistent, targeted traffic and that’s exactly what this is!

Opportunity passes by most people… it just passes them by… and they never realize the opportunity was there, staring them in the face… so dont be those people who lose out… be the one who gets it. Be the one with the knowledge and information… because that’s the single best way to wealth: Education and:

Powerful Information!

Lucas actually got multiple page #1 Google rankings for many niche keywords that brought him consistent and ultra targeted visitors to his site.

Actually some of these videos he put on YouTube are 2 years old, and he’s still getting free traffic from them.

Anytime Lucas launches a new site, he uses his underground YouTube tactics to optimize and promote the videos to get into top rankings almost instantly!

Did You Know That There Are ‘Secret Techniques’ To Get 10x More Views To Your YouTube Videos And Get Top YouTube & Google Search Rankings For Specific Keywords?

And it’s EASIER then you think.

I actually have a system to optimize each of my videos to get the quickest & most quality traffic I can. And how to send this traffic directly to my site and convert into SALES!

No more wasting your time on pointless free traffic generation methods that don’t even MAKE YOU ANY MONEY….

This course is your answer for instant, free and targeted traffic that you can get to your site in a matter of hours with no much effort on your part…

Here’s what Lucas has to say and prove to you about his secrets…

Introducing Tube Inferno

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This course has 19 videos (3h length total) + 5 bonuses

Module 2 covers exactly how to create your first video, where to topic ideas and how to later edit it. Next module covers video optimization, like SEO, keyword research, tags and other crucial elements for maximum results. Next modules cover video promotion covert tactics to get the most amount of views from your videos.

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Get super-targeted free traffic coming to your site for years to come (even while you sleep)
  • Secret tactics how to get 10,000+ views from each of your video even in super-obscure niches
  • How to get multiple page #1 Google & YouTube search rankings even in 24 hours and get all of this quality traffic back to your website (using few simple tweaks)
  • What kind of videos you can create quicker & easier than you did in the past (even if you don’t have any fancy software, or super skills…)
  • 1 Simple site where you can create extremely powerful free videos in just 5 minutes of work and upload directly to YouTube… (you can do it even if you’re just starting out!)
  • 6 Surefire strategies how to NEVER AGAIN beat your head over another video idea… Get UNLIMITED video topic ideas in a matter of minutes using these 6 ‘cheat’ shortcuts…
  • How to find out what kind of videos people EXACTLY want without guessing or making failing videos that never get any views (because no one care about it…) Don’t underestimate it!
  • How to discover the hottest & most trendy topics in ANY market in seconds using this 1 phenomenal website…
  • 8 Crucial tips you need to follow to create viral & attention-grabbing video to bring you a ‘celebrity status’ in your niche… Follow them and get more views, more subscribers and better search engine rankings than ever before…
  • How to create video tutorials (demonstration how to videos) using free online tool that you can access immediately. It takes just 2 clicks of the mouse and you can record highly-quality & professional instructional video and upload it on YouTube with 1 more click…
  • How to create really cool & hip photo slideshow and what you NEED to avoid from getting banned on YouTube (REALLY IMPORTANT!)
  • Best video editing software (free & paid) you can use to make very professional videos in no time…
  • 1 Single most important thing that everyone is missing in YouTube marketing… And how to do it correctly… (it can actually cost you thousands and thousands of lost free visits)
  • What are the best times to upload your videos for best exposure and most traffic (it’s not what you think…)
  • How to do proper keyword research and exact formula how to find easy-to-rank long tail keyword in almost any niche… And why keyword research is totally different when you optimize your YouTube videos… Imagine getting #1 page Google rankings in just few days for your most desired keywords
  • 4 Powerful tactics how to create click-sucking video titles to get 2x more video views and how to optimize it for better rankings (on YouTube & Google). Plus, power words you NEED to use for more clicks.
  • How to write optimized video description to get more clicks to your site and get it well optimized for SEO. Plus, one secret what you ABSOLUTELY need to have in your first line for dramatic results… Get more FREE visits to your site using these powerful strategies!
  • How to do ‘Group Tagging’ and why it’s so powerful! Learn how to ‘steal’ views from other videos and get few times more highly-targeted traffic using proper tagging. It’s one of the things that most people IGNORE, but can bring you tons of free views and more free traffic to your site. Never underestimate it!
  • Live demonstration how to create highly persuasive, and attention-grabbing thumbnail to get EVEN MORE VIEWS to your video on autopilot…
  • How to use Insight statistics to your advantage in order to optimize your videos, get more clicks to your site and make them more interesting… Analyzing & optimizing can bring you much more clicks to your site if done right…
  • Underground Tactic #1 - Assassin Views Killer Method – How to ‘steal’ valuable subscribers and views from other channels in your niche for FREE (and totally ethical) by sending 1 simple message… It’s an ultimate free traffic generation method (2.0) that no one is talking about…
  • Underground Tactic #2 - Massive Chain Snowball Effect - How to create a ‘chain effect’ and NEVER let your viewers to quit your channel. This can be an incredible effective method to gain more subscribers, more views and more clicks to your site!
  • Underground Tactic #3 - Instant Subscriber Explosion Tactic - Use this 1 secret YouTube features to get more subscribers, more views to your previous videos and more ‘direct visits’ to your site. You can even DOUBLE your results using this tactic!
  • Underground Tactic #4 - 200% Views Boost Method - How to exploit this 1 feature in your YouTube channel to get much more free views for your latest videos, and how to create powerful partnership with other Youtubers for even better results…
  • Underground Tactic #5 - YouTube Undercover Partnership - How to use behind-the-curtain private partnership to explode your channel, your views and your exposure almost overnight... Use previous tactics for almost autopilot free traffic exchange that was never shared before anywhere else… The potential is so big, I can’t even believe I’m sharing it…
  • Underground Tactic #6 - Underground Shows Game – How to get page #1 YouTube search results for your targeted keywords using these 2 things… Get more views and more traffic almost instantly
  • 5 Powerful secrets how to boost your video views and your subscribers. Become celebrity & authority in your market quicker than you think
  • 4 Proven make-money strategies how to monetize your YouTube traffic into REAL MONEY.
  • How to find quality and good products to promote through your videos to make easy money (even in 24 hours)
  • How to build a massive list, undercover hidden profits and make consistent money sending simple, easy emails. I’ll tell you exactly how to quickly build your first list, create capture page (no domain or hosting required) and create your first follow up autoresponder.
  • How to become YouTube partner, what kind of rules you need to follow and what things can cause you getting BANNED! (Avoid them at all cost)

YES! I Want To Get FREE & Targeted Traffic From YouTube Right Now!

“When Can I See The First Results?”

You can get first views to your video in a matter of hours, if not minutes. Now, it really depends what’s your market and how well you optimized your videos. There is definitely a big potential to drive tens of thousands of free visits to your site just from YouTube. Video marketing is definitely one of the quickest and easiest way to get really targeted visits to your site.

“Is There Any Investment Required?”

NO! You don’t need to invest even a penny to tap into this enormous market. Anyone can upload a YouTube video for 100% free and you can create a video in just few minutes using free software, webcam or just microphone. It’s simple, it’s easy and anyone can do it.

“Is There Any Action Plan I Can Follow”

In a bonus section I offer a sweet report called “30 Day Proven YouTube Marketing Plan” that shows what you should do exactly to explode your channel, rapidly get more subscribers, more views and get even more clicks to your website. In 30 days you can literally transform your new channel into authority in your market. Become well known celebrity on YouTube and reap the rewards from it!

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This Is Not Another $997.00 Course

I know what you’re thinking. For such a course you’d need to pay at least $997.00. I knew I could do it but I won’t.

So what’s the price? I’m going to tell you it in a minute (it will shock you…), but before that…

I have a few more gifts for you!

And There Is More!

I have some ultra powerful bonuses for you to help you totally crush it on YouTube and enjoy and endless stream of free traffic!

Bonus 1 – “10 Proven Money-Making Niches” ($37 Value)

Tap into the most lucrative markets on YouTube. Not all markets will perform equally well. Exploit these ‘holy grail’ niches that will guarantee you more views and free traffic than any other niches.

Inside you’ll get:

  • 10 Proven niches that are proven to get a lot of easy video views, popularity and interest on YouTube. Tap into easy markets that you can dominate quickly and get best results.
  • 5 Top channels for each niche that will help you to find out what your competitors are and how to can grab some of their ideas. Learn from the best and do it even better. Save yourself dozens of hours on doing the WRONG videos, and do it RIGHT the first time!
  • Top products you can promote in each niche to monetize your traffic and make a lot of money!


Bonus 2 – “Video Optimization Checklist” ($17 Value)

4 Simple steps you need to follow to each of your video to get maximum results. Get instant #1 page Google rankings, few times more views and more subscribers! This time-saving checklist will be always handy when you upload your next video. It contains all the best and time-tested video optimization strategies to totally dominate YouTube!


Bonus 3 – “Video Promotion Checklist” ($17 Value)

5 Powerful steps to explode your YouTube views and finally eliminate traffic problem FOREVER. These area highly potent and extremely effective strategies you can use in each of your videos to boost your views and clicks to your site!


Bonus 4 – “30 Day Proven Youtube Marketing Plan” ($17 Value)

Imagine getting a proven 30 day plan to dominate your niche on YouTube and get all the best traffic there is. Systemize your action plan, follow it from A to Z and experience dramatical results. This action plan contains all the best tactics I shared in this course that you can use on a daily basis.


Bonus 5 – “Ultimate Resource Rolodex” ($27 Value)

This is an ultimate resource place where you’ll find all the best time-saving tools/software, free distribution services, places to learn more about video marketing, and much, much more! It’s definitely a must for any serious video marketer to get an edge over the competitors. Save time & money with proven tools!


Bonus 6 – Lifetime Access To The Membership ($27 Value)

Receive lifetime access to all the product updates and private member’s area where you can ask questions and get the latest product version. You won’t need to pay monthly fees, all one-time payment. Additionally you may ask questions and interact with other members in the comment section to share your ideas and grow even more together. That’s what is called a true mastermind group of like-minded individuals helping each other to succeed! Share your experience and get help quickly. Everyone is here to help you.


Bonus 7 – FREE 180 Days Email Support ($27 Value)

Do you have any questions? Any problems? I’m here to help you. I’ll be glad to help you in 24 hours. You will be never left behind and I will all answer your questions privately through the email and on the member’s area portal comments section.


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So Here Is What You Will Exactly Get:

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join

Ok, what now?

I’m NOT Going To Charge You $1,166.00…

Yeah, you heard me right.

And… it’s not going to be even $997, or even $497.

I want everyone being able to use this training to generate a ton of super targeted traffic to their sites.

That’s why…

My final price is only $197.

“I Will Give You 100% Money Back If You Don’t Like This Course”

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m so confident that Tube Inferno will make generate you a ton of free targeted traffic that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. All I ask you is to try out Tube Inferno for 365 days and if you haven’t got any results, then I don’t want your money. Simply contact me at support at crushersupport.com and I’ll happily give you back 100% of what you paid for.

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  • Bonus 3: “Video Promotion Checklist” ($17.00 Value)
  • Bonus 4: “30 Day Proven Youtube Marketing Plan” ($17.00 Value)
  • Bonus 5: “Ultimate Resource Rolodex” ($27.00 Value)
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